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For security and privacy reasons, this website contains no details about individuals believed to be living.

While every attempt has been made to protect a living individual's privacy, there may be instances where errors exist. If you notice any personal details on this site regarding living individuals, please contact us and the data will be removed. On the other hand, should you notice that a person is recorded as living but you know that he or she is deceased, please tell us so.

The access to person and family details is only granted to registered users. Family members can obtain, following a justified request, access to the data of living people.

The information that you transmit us through the forms (f.ex. registration form) will only be used for the funtioning and content of the site. It will not be re-used for other purposes.

Disclaimer of Liability

The information in this site is published for genealogy research purposes only. The re-use for commercial purposes is not allowed.

This site may contain information which is not necessarily complete, exhaustive, accurate and up-to-date. The author will do his best to correct as soon as possible any errors which are brought to his attention.

This site sometimes refers to external sites over which the author has no control and in respect of which he disclaims all liability. The links to these sites are marked with the External link sign.

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